City Comfort Hotel Burghausen

Upholding tradition and setting new trends

DORMERO hotel number 19 is a blend of modern and traditional in the amazing Bavarian riverside city of Burghausen. The city is home to the ‘longest castle in the world’ and DORMERO could not resist this highlight.

On October 1, 2017, DORMERO took over the City Comfort Hotel in Burghausen. By spring 2018, the hotel will have been converted into the most modern building in the square, a four-star superior hotel.

The first hotel chain in Burghausen

After negotiations with the lessor, NIGL Holding, the former City Comfort Hotel will now be part of the first hotel chain to arrive in Burghausen. DORMERO has another hotel in Bavaria – hotel number 5: Domero Hotel Straubing. With this new addition, the DORMERO brand is further establishing itself in the region.

It is a sign of the times that DORMERO has taken over this hotel. Traditional and economically successful, Burghausen is also a modern place that has gained in popularity over the last decades, and it will always keep its appeal as a cultural hotspot. DORMERO is convinced that this project will benefit both the city and business.

“Our enthusiasm for the city first developed when the Wacker Burghausen soccer team was still playing in Bundesliga 2 (second division of the German national soccer league) and we accompanied FC Nürnberg to games there”, states Chairman Dr. Marcus Maximilian Wöhrl, DBA.

After reconversion and extended renovations, the DORMERO Hotel Burghausen will offer 53 rooms and a conference room.

We become even more fancy!
We kindly ask for your understanding that we can´t offer you breakfast in january 2018 due to construction work.