The management head office departments in Berlin are fancy and have quite a bit to report.


Approx. 2,000 emails are received and 1,000 sent every day.


■ We have an aquarium with 52 DORMERO fish. In 2018 we had over 200 baby fish.

■ We have a total of 52 company cars.


We experience a great deal when looking through CVs, from naked photos to wellies and catsuits.

■ As an experienced multitasker, we can even cope with applications in Swahili and Nicobarese.

■ The personnel office’s dog helps out a lot too. Only those who pass the smooching test and are dribbled on are allowed to be appointed.

■ The oldest employee is 80 years old.

■ 67 employees work in the DORMERO headquarters.

■ Throughout the chain we have 1215 employees (as of 1.1.2019).


We’re making an exception in accounting. Instead of invent new balance accounts every day or toss up how often we pay the bills, we deal day in day out with 1,399 “dry” accounting records and 53,139 incoming invoices per month. 


A total of 16.180 branded stickers are hanging in all DORMERO hotels, which are regularly removed by guests.

■ Our main website recorded 2,946,561 page impressions within a year.

■ So many DORMERO Converse Chuck key rings were issued that you could kit out entire Smurf villages with them.

■ Up to 30,000 words per person are written during the day in the marketing department.


The red DORMERO Converse Chuck key rings are worn out quickest at trade fairs. As soon as someone catches sight of them there are already 10 pairs less on the booth.

■ An average sales employees spends 1,540 hours on the phone every year (= 43 days).

■ The kilometres covered in 3 months: 4,423 km .

■ There is also a little Santa Claus in every Sales Manager: every Sales Manager distributes more than 400 flowers, gifts, give aways, vouchers etc.


The menu in the SONDERBAR is always legible regardless of how often it is opened.

■ There are 12 different F & B concepts in our chain.

■ The average red DORMERO staff shoe size is 39 ½.

■ More coffee is drunk at head office than is made and yet everyone is surprised that the pot is constantly empty.


More than 10 languages are spoken in the reservation department. Besides English and German, exotic languages like Nepalese, Croatian and Saxon too ;).

■ Approx. 20% of our guests come from abroad. Currently from about 40 countries.


DORMERO offers 186 event rooms with numerous possible combinations.

■ The smallest event room is the Business Lounge in Frankfurt with 9 sqm.

■ The largest event room is the DORMERO Hall in Stuttgart, which offers a maximum area of 1,053 sqm, if the foyer is integrated.

■ The highest room with 10.50 m is situated in the Congress and Cultural Centre in Halle and is the ballroom there.