DORMERO is authentic, innovative and above all fancy. Why?
We asked around all the departments and offer you a small cross-section of interesting fancy facts here. Would you like to find out more, then click to enter the fancy world of work at DORMERO.


The management head office departments in Berlin are fancy and have quite a bit to report.

We have installed 3,746 televisions in the hotels.

Our email server processes approx. 7,500 emails per day.

Our central room reservation receives an average of 650 calls per day.


The personnel office’s dog is very helpful: only those who pass the sniffing test can be hired.


Over €72 million turnover, 30 hotels, approx. 500 suppliers, approx. 70,000 incoming / outgoing invoices in connection with approx. 8,550 bookings per month are recorded and booked.
Financial accounting is changing over time. Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important and makes accounting look fancy again: the DORMERO financial accounting 2.0 is modern, sexy and impressive.


The marketing department also cares for a wildly stray pet: the squirrel Norbert comes to visit on the balcony every day and is spoiled with peanuts.
So many DORMERO Chuck key rings were issued that you could kit out entire Smurf villages with them.
Up to 30,000 words per person are written during the day in the marketing department.


■ The red DORMERO Chuck key rings are worn out quickest at trade fairs. As soon as someone catches sight of them, there are already 10 fewer pairs on the booth.
■ There is also a little Santa Claus in every Sales Manager: each Sales Manager distributes more than 400 flowers, gifts, give aways, vouchers etc. every year
■ We currently have as many Swiss in the chain as we have hotels in Switzerland.
■ On the 5th floor of our DORMERO Hotel Zurich at the airport, lying in bed, you can see the tread pattern of the A380 taking off. The pilot even says hi - BUT you’ll hear NOTHING when the window is closed!


At DORMERO, there are 36 different restaurant & bar concepts.
In total, our service employees walk 2,600km every day.

  Individual reservation

9 languages are spoken in the reservation department. In addition to English and German, you’ll find languages like French, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Lithuanian, Persian and Saxon ;).
We answer up to 1,000 calls a day.
Approximately 200 enquiries from our guests are answered by email per day.
Approximately 20% of our guests come from abroad. Currently from about 40 countries.

  Groups & Convention

We have a volunteer motivation dog.
Our team events are supposed to be awesome, but unfortunately nobody remembers them much afterwards.
Multicultural meets Berliner Urgestein - we speak a total of 12 languages but we still don't understand Saxon.
We exercise regularly and consume on average 4 bags of gummi bears, 6 bars of chocolate, 7 candy bars, 1 pack of nuts and 33 pretzels per week which corresponds to 12,700 calories.


■ We are currently observing 440 trade fairs and events in the German-speaking world.
■ We currently manage 7,239 room & rate combinations in our Channel Manager.
■ On average, 109,129 electronic reservations are imported into our system every year, which is 9,094 per month, 299 per day, 12 per hour, 0.21 per minute...
■ Our standard reports are produced 13,764 times a year by us.

  Quality management
■ In quality management, we employ the only two BA students in the chain.
■ Putting our hotels through their paces - we check them against 710 criteria in our annual audit.
■ Since 1900, there have been the first models for quality management, but we have only had our model (current quality manager) since 2019.


■ We process approximately 4,000 invoices per month, which are available for payment release via mobile phone within 24 hours of receipt.
■ In total, our company vehicles drive 1 million kilometres per year.
■ Sandy, the goldfish of the DORMERO headquarters, had over 150 babies in spring.
■ After still water, banana juice is the most popular drink in the DORMERO headquarters.
■ The DORMERO headquarters is located in the oldest building on Schlossstraße in Berlin, in front of Schloss Charlottenburg. The building is photographed by every third passer-by and people often ask whether they can stay overnight with us in the headquarters.
■ The backyard of the headquarters is the playground for all the DORMERO dogs who play together there every day.
■ Heinz and Hannelore are a pair of birds that bring dry bread pieces to soak in our water fountain in the front garden each day. After it's soft and juicy again, they eat it.
■ There are two Schlossstraße streets in Berlin. Although we always point out that we are in Charlottenburg, about 50% of our visitors end up in Steglitz.

Fancy Facts from DORMERO Hotels

The DORMERO hotels are pretty fancy and have a lot to report.

DORMERO Hotel Berlin Ku'damm
■ When Kiki the house cat is bored, she meows in the corridors until a guest opens their door to stroke her.
■ The architect's face is carved in stone above a door in the lounge.
■ Four pictures of the Spanish artist Salustiano are hung in the "Rouge Strapsáurant" room. The lady depicted in these pictures stayed with us in 2016 and made her identity clear.

DORMERO Hotel Bonn · Windhagen
■ With indoor and outdoor pool, whirlpool, salt grotto, steam bath and three different saunas, this hotel has the largest wellness area in the DORMERO chain.
■ The DORMERO Hotel Bonn Windhagen is more of a resort than an ordinary hotel, not just because of the large wellness area, but also because of its own sports hall for football, badminton, volleyball, basketball and table tennis, two bowling alleys, the Birkengestüt Laura on our spacious area with riding hall and jumping course as well as the Walbrunnen golf club with its 18-hole course in the immediate vicinity.

City Hotel Bretten
■ The team has only one male employee full time.
■ The house has one of the smallest kitchens in the chain.

DORMERO Hotel Burghausen
■ The junction where the hotel is located is nicknamed the "angel junction" by the locals because the hotel used to be the "Angel Shopping Centre".
■ The hotel pets Alois and Sylvia are a cockatiel couple who have been inseparable since the hotel opened in March 2018. But Sylvia's almost escaped three times already.
■ The employees in Burghausen wear over 30 pairs of red shoes.

Hotel Goldene Traube Coburg
■ Here there is a room with the number 13, which is unusual in hotels.
■ Room 40 is on the 4th floor and room 80 on the 2nd floor.
■ We've had real kings in the house!

DORMERO Hotel Dessau-Roßlau
■ There is a rooftop wellness area with roof terrace.
■ The names of all 9 conference rooms are "Sow” in different languages.
■ Our pets are constantly hounded by the paparazzi, every 3rd guest takes photos with them. Soon they'll be signing autographs.

DORMERO Hotel Dresden Airport
■ Despite the direct proximity to the airport (1km), there is no aircraft noise due to the location of the runway.
■ Our team consists of 50% lateral entrants.
■ Our wellness area is at an airy height, directly under the roof, above the Klotzsche district.

DORMERO Hotel Dresden City
■ Dresden City has the most beautiful ballroom in Dresden and the entire hotel chain.
■ This hotel has the highest wear and tear on hotel managers in the chain.
■ Murders take place regularly here at KRIMI DINNER.

Hotel Am Zault Düsseldorf
■ The foundation wall of the traditional house dates back to 1790.
■ Our chef has been with us for 33 years and completed his training here. In total, he has invested 12,045 days or 102,382 hours of work in the hotel.
■ The present ballroom is an old gym hall.
■ The former owner had an exact copy of our hotel built in Troisdorf.

DORMERO Hotel Frankfurt Messe
■ The gerbils are the fastest and most persevering employees in the hotel. But also the most bloodthirsty: one mouse was killed and one escaped.
■ There's been 40 fire alarms from smokers in the last three years
■ Most expensive repair: someone put a washcloth in the toilet - six rooms were flooded and the complete renovation took 5 months.

DORMERO Hotel Freudenstadt
■ The nickname of the hotel is Happytown.
■ Freudenstadt has a beautiful squirrel as pet.
■ The hotel is divided into two towers called Mr Small and Mrs Big.
■ The hotel has the most beautiful employee apartments with their own roof terrace and views of the Black Forest and the city.

Hotel Kaiserworth Goslar
■ The Kaiserworth is the oldest building in the DORMERO chain - it was built in 1492, has been used as a hotel since 1831 and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992

DORMERO Hotel Halle
■ The latest addition is our California octopus named Paul with its own aquarium.
■ Every employee has their "own" fish to look after.
■ Did you know that Halle is a Hanseatic city, just like Hamburg or Lübeck?
■ People who have immigrated and live in Halle are popularly called "Hallunken"
■ The Dormero Hotel Halle celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019 and is therefore one of the first DORMERO hotels

DORMERO Hotel Hannover
■ Our most popular long-stay guests are the turtles in the aquarium.

DORMERO Hotel Hannover-Langenhagen Airport
■ If the TV listings are no good, then the cinema is right next door.
■ You can also check out at 03:10 a.m. if you want to get your plane on time. The airport's not far.
■ A new star has moved in, our chameleon Chico.

DORMERO Hotel Kelheim
■ Our service staff cover a total distance of 176km per week.
■ Our employees go through 49 pairs of red shoes per year.
■ Our predominantly black domestic cat prefers white subsoil for sleeping.

DORMERO Hotel Altes Kaufhaus Lüneburg
■ The water of the Ilmenau is as clear as our drinking you can see the over-one-metre-long fish swimming directly past our hotel
■ In the Alten Kaufhaus, there is an art gallery with works of very well-known artists. Even Georg Baselitz.

Hotel Bergström Lüneburg
■ The Hotel Bergström consists of 7 different buildings which accommodate 131 rooms and 21 function rooms.
■ This is where the programme "Rote Rosen" is filmed.
■ We have our own bakery - Die Backstube.

DORMERO Hotel München-Kirchheim Messe
■ Each of the 8 Junior Suites is individually designed: from the Black Forest Room with traditional cuckoo clock, to the Bird's Nest including bird cage, to the Lodge Room with safari feeling
■ Guests can also expect different mottos in the conference area, such as the Goldfish Bowl, the Snow White Room or the Urban Industrial Room
■ The employees at the Dormero Hotel Munich-Kirchheim Messe come from 11 different countries and nations. The youngest is 17 and the oldest 65.

DORMERO Hotel Passau
■ Here, Schnitzel and Spätzle swim in the aquarium
■ In the underground car park, there are more bicycles than cars during the high season
■ The longest stay of a guest was 8 months
■ From some rooms, you can see the 800-year-old castle, "Veste Oberhaus"

DORMERO Hotel Plauen
■ The longest-serving pet has lived in Plauen since 2007: Siggi the cat
■ Plauen is home to the only DORMERO Garden
■ Our breakfast cook has been at DORMERO since day 1

DORMERO Schlosshotel Reichenschwand
■ Our cat, Romeo, has lived in the hotel since 2011.
■ The Five Rivers cycle path leads directly past the hotel.
■ The Schlosspark Reichenschwand consists of many rare trees from all over the world which were brought and planted here. The targeted replanting of dead trees is intended to contribute to this park providing shade for future generations.
■ Next to the hotel there is a real castle.
■ Around 1870, a woman was found murdered in her bedroom at Schloss Reichenschwand. The perpetrators were never found. Since then, there have been reports of strange phenomena and experiences in the castle. But according to legend, the White Lady is a good spirit who protects the castle and all who are in it.

DORMERO Hotel Roth
■ The house is a former WÖHRL department store - where the escalator once was, there is now a tree in the inner courtyard of the hotel.
■ The hotel corridors form a circle.
■ There's a red sauna.
■ The most sporting location of the chain with many sporting events such as Challenge for All and DATEV Challenge.

DORMERO Strandhotel Rügen
■ The employee with the most life experience with us is 50 years old.
■ For many guests, this building is a retrospective of their past, because they served here, among other things. That's why one of our guests' favourite sayings is, "I remember it from the old days!"
■ We are the only DORMERO hotel located directly on the sea.

DORMERO Design Hotel Rust
■ The DORMERO oasis with outdoor pool in the south.
■ Our pet Lucifer is a likeable little devil and likes to wear a bow tie around his neck.
■ We are very close to Europa-Park - small by design!
■ Our house is "Adults only" - a hotel for people after puberty.

DORMERO Hotel Salzgitter
■ The pet Molly is even more welcoming than our employees!
■ In the lobby, you can play table football next to a waterfall.
■ Salzgitter has the "craziest" hotel manager in the chain.
■ The underground car park is cheaper than being towed away in front of the door.

DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart
■ The largest hotel in the chain with two musical theatres.
■ More than 250 red shoes are set in motion here every day.
■ In 2019, all employees together have a total holiday entitlement of 2,689 days.
■ Our tiger python, Lillyfee, measures a total of 5.10m.

DORMERO Hotel Villingen-Schwenningen
■ The hotel is located in the middle of a centuries-old old town.
■ Our tallest employee has only a half as big a mouth as our smallest employee at 1.40 metres.
■ It's spiky with us! Our white-bellied hedgehogs"Salt and Pepper" wander around in the lobby.

DORMERO Hotel Zürich
■ No city has more Nobel Prize winners than Zurich
■ If you take a very good look, you can watch the Singapore Airlines A380 take off almost every day around 12:30. You can hear it, too.
■ Zurich Airport was ordered by court order in the 2000s to install triple glazed windows around the airport so that residents could no longer hear the noise. Our hotel was included in this
■ In Switzerland, it's illegal to own a single guinea pig. You always have to keep them as a couple. If one of them dies, you would have to buy a new guinea pig immediately, otherwise you would come into conflict with the law. But there are alternatives: in Switzerland, there are agencies where you can rent guinea pigs.