Fancy Facts from DORMERO Hotels


The DORMERO hotels are pretty fancy and have a lot to report.


DORMERO Hotel Berlin Ku'damm

■ The various statues in the conservatory and lounge appear to have different faces every time you look at them.

DORMERO Hotel Bonn · Windhagen

■ The hotel with the chain’s largest wellness area.

DORMERO Hotel Frankfurt Messe

■ DORMERO’s greediest pets live at the hotel in Frankfurt.

■ The longest regular guests have been checking in 4 days a week for the last 4 years.

DORMERO Hotel Hannover

■ A couple of blackbirds, which the staff have called Herbert and Bärbel, have been amusing themselves in the backyard for quite some time.

■ The longest-residing guest stayed at the hotel for three quarters of a year.

DORMERO Hotel Kelheim

■ 5 guests who partied in the SONDERBAR have already slept in the DORMERO bed next to reception.

■ 25 new white balls have had to be bought for the billiard table since the opening in March 2016.

DORMERO Hotel Passau

■ The lobby was set up in just 24 hours.

■ The hotel in Passau has the most accessible rooms in the chain, four in total.

DORMERO Hotel Plauen

■ The longest-serving pet has been living in Plauen since 2007: Siggi, the tomcat.

DORMERO Hotel Halle

■ 100 different animals live in the 2,500 litre salt water aquarium.

■ 40,000 mini bar drinks are consumed ever year.

DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart

■ 100,598 litres of beer were drunk in 2015. That equals 24 litres of beer for every resident in Windhagen.

■ 7,416.12 kilometres of toilet paper were used at the hotel in 2015.

DORMERO Schlosshotel Reichenschwand

■ The important features of Schloss Reichenschwand originate from Johann Wilhelm von Furtenbach, who rebuilt the castle between 1700 and 1770. It was built by the Lords of Strahlenfels as a moated castle around 1300.

■ The oldest employee is 64 and the youngest is just 17.

Bergström Hotel Lüneburg & DORMERO Hotel Altes Kaufhaus Lüneburg

■ The TV series "Red Roses" is shot here.

■ The DORMERO Hotel Altes Kaufhaus Lüneburg has its own gallery.

DORMERO Hotel Freudenstadt

■ The nickname of the hotel is Happytown.

■ We have a pretty squirrel as a pet.

DORMERO Design Hotel Rust

■ The smallest house in the chain with the smallest hotel manager in the chain.

■ The hotel consists exclusively of suites.

DORMERO Hotel Rügen

■ The first and only beach hotel in the chain.

■ The hotel consists exclusively of suites.