The DORMERO Hotel Management Trainee Programme is a teaching programme that is intended for young professionals. It offers graduates the possibility of running through all a hotel business’ different departments within a year. All the necessary basic knowledge is taught in the process that is required to hold a management position in a hotel business later on. This therefore shortens the graduate’s career path considerably as they have the chance to transfer to a management position straight away as a young professional.

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Natalija Benji

26 years old, Stuttgart - Germany

Why a trainee programme of all things?
I found it especially interesting that even from the start you work through all departments within the first year. The experience and the insight that you gain with that can not only help you in whatever job situation you might find yourself in later but also help in you personal strength and development. You might even be able to experience something completely new about yourself or you might even deepen strengths you already have.

What are you aiming to be at DORMERO?
I think every trainee starts by wanting to get a position as a hotel manager but I don't want to define that to be THE position as my final goal just yet. I want to spend my year by walking through all departments with the same curiosity for every department. Eventually, I discover strengths I didn't know I had. I'm very curious where this year at DORMERO is taking me.

What do you enjoy most?
Being a person who is fond of traveling, I love if I can work somewhere with that particular opportunity. Not being a person who likes to be stuck in one room in front of a laptop or PC all day, it brings me Great joy if I can balance by having a job where I can be in touch with people while being at work as well.

Which tasks don’t you like at all?
Maths has never been a passion of mine.

Do you have a favourite hotel, if so which one?
Most definitely the DORMERO Hotel Berlin Ku'damm. It instantly put a spell on me by having such a unique Charme.