The DORMERO Hotel Management Trainee Programme is a teaching programme that is intended for young professionals. It offers graduates the possibility of running through all a hotel business’ different departments within a year. All the necessary basic knowledge is taught in the process that is required to hold a management position in a hotel business later on. This therefore shortens the graduate’s career path considerably as they have the chance to transfer to a management position straight away as a young professional.

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Ina Rilke

20 years old, Lüneburg - Germany

Why a trainee programme of all things?
It was offered to me and I agreed. What I'm learning all this year is just so valuable and so exciting because I just could not say no.

What are you aiming to be at DORMERO?
I do not know exactly, because my trainee year just started and I was not in all departments yet. But I could imagine running my own hotel.

What do you enjoy most?
I love banquet! Planning, organizing and putting the whole event into action is just great! It never gets boring, you always have action, there is always something to do, and every day is different. There are always new events, meetings and wild parties. At the bar and in the restaurant, I'm also really fond of taking care of the guests, fulfilling every wish, entertaining them, making them laugh and just making sure they're completely happy. I find that fun!

Which tasks don’t you like at all?
I can not say because I was not in all departments and not all tasks know but I think that each department can be fun and exciting. There will always be activities that are more and less fun, that's just part of it, but something I do not like at all I would not know now.

Do you have a favourite hotel, if so which one?
Definitely Lüneburg!