Good day!

My sister Arielle and I, Aquarius, are Norwegian Forest cats. Along with the Maine Coon and the Savannah cat we are one of the biggest house cats in the world and are descended from Vikings. We’re from Großköllnbach, we’ve been inseparable from birth and we are best friends.

We were very excited when we were picked up to go to our new home. When we finally arrived in the DORMERO Hotel Altes Kaufhaus Lüneburg our first glance at the big grounds made us ready for adventures! We are very lively and active - despite our wild nature we also have a sweet, affectionate and cuddly side.

We weren’t used to such a big “garden” with bridges, water and places to climb at our old place - from the very start we knew we were going to feel right at home and want to stay here forever.
Our room is right beside the office of the Hotel manager, who looks after us very kindly. And all the other people in the hotel are also really nice to us and spoil us with anything we could possibly want. But if you want to play with us you have to have a lot of spare time - playing (and eating) are our favourite things to do in the world.