DORMERO is known for being close and open. That is why, in addition to our guests, we also welcome all our animal friends. During your stay you can simply bring your favorite four-legged friend free of charge. Just mention this information when making your reservation and check in together.

Our special philosophy is to give rescued and hard-to-place animals a second chance. Every animal that lives in one of our hotels has been rescued from difficult situations. We work closely with animal welfare organizations and the local veterinary office or other experts to ensure that the animals live in a safe and species-appropriate environment. We strongly believe that every life counts, be it a dog, a cat, a bird or even a snake.

Our hotel managers share a love of animals and bring their own dogs to the hotels. These four-legged friends are part of our DORMERO family and look forward to meeting you.

Our goal is to make both people and animals feel comfortable and at home.
We look forward to welcoming you and your animal friends with us soon.

Get to know and love our DORMERO pets:

DORMERO Hotel Aschaffenburg

DORMERO Hotel Bretten
DORMERO Hotel Burghausen
DORMERO Hotel Budapest
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Haben Sie Fragen zur Unterbringung Ihres Tieres oder möchten sich erkundigen, welches Tier im DORMERO Hotel Ihrer Wahl auf Sie wartet, dann schreiben Sie uns an marketing(at) oder rufen uns unter +49 30 20213223 an.