We’re called Schnappi, Yoshii, T-Rex and Moby Dick. We’re red piranhas but genuine Frankfurters born just at the start of 2015 and therefore still a bit shy. In the wild we can live up to 15 years of age but as we feel really at home here, we’ll hopefully live twice as long. Don’t worry though; we’ve agreed with the hotel manager that we may only eat dead fish and maybe a bit of meat on public holidays. We have to be honest though, now and again one of our neighbours comes a cropper by mistake. And yet the guppies are such nice fish. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to simply blubber away or ask one of our dry colleagues. Communication is probably easier with them. Otherwise, please don’t tap on the glass; we’re not really into drum and bass. Please don’t open the lid either, we like playing and a finger might just come to a nasty end.