Good day!

Or the way we say: Blubb Blubb!

I am Florian, a wonderful, orange clownfish. Maybe you have seen me in the disney film "Finding Nemo"?! Indeed my friends and I feel much more comfortable in our huge 2.500 liter saltwater aquarium here in the DORMERO Hotel Halle. The lobby often is teeming with curious paparazzis, who are looking for the best photo with the "Finding Nemo" filmstars. Because of that we often hide in between our colourful corals.

Who we are?

Let me introduce: My sweetheart the Clown Anemonefish Sussie, the beautiful, sparkling Square Fairy Basslet Tanja, the fancy dotted Harlequin Filefish Grita, the unique Banggai Cardinalfish Frau Lennigk, the always lazy and shy Zebra Moray Howard and last but not the least the inseperable Chromis gang. To put it in a nutshell, the coolest South Pacific gang ever!