Good Day!

My name is Lucifer... That makes me sound worse than I really am. I originally come from the south of Germany, a place called Reichenschwand, but now I live in the DORMERO Hotel Rust.

I was just out and about, you know how it is, and then I saw the Reichenschwand Hotel’s tomcat Romeo doing his regular rounds of the castle garden. I followed him to the DORMERO Schlosshotel Reichenschwand and snuck in with him. I tried to hide, because it was so nice there, but someone found me! It was the manager of DORMERO Hotel Rust. She was visiting, and let me tell you, we hit it off right away. She took me back with her to Rust and now I get spoiled by her and the hotel guests every day.

It’s lovely to live in a hotel. I always have plenty to eat, lots of cuddles and tons of attention because there are always guests around. So come and pay me a visit. We’re waiting for you by the pool.