DORMERO Hotel Goslar

Coming soon

DORMERO has arrived in the imperial city

On 1.7.2018 DORMERO will be taking over the traditional Hotel Kaiserworth in Goslar and expanding its portfolio with another 4-star hotel. The hotel in Goslar will be the fourth DORMERO hotel in Lower Saxony. “We’re excited to be expanding our network in Lower Saxony, adding Goslar to the list, alongside Hannover, Langenhagen, Lüneburg and Salzgitter”, said Dr Marcus Maximilian Wöhrl, Director of DORMERO Hotel AG.

Tradition meets modern style

The historic building of the future DORMERO hotel in Goslar was built over 500 years ago in 1494 and lies in the centre of the famous medieval imperial city in Harz. Until 1831, when it was transformed into an inn, the house contained the administrative premises of the rich merchant and weaver guilds, as well as shops and ballrooms. Located directly at the market place, with its romantic atmosphere and stylish ambience, every stay there is an unforgettable experience.

The hotel currently has 65 tastefully-decorated rooms, a restaurant and 6 individual event rooms, with room for up to 150 people in the imperial hall.

The 480-year-old annex that comes with it, the “Das Brusttuch” hotel, with its 15 rooms, restaurant, three event rooms and fitness and wellness facilities will coming under our wing. Over the next months, DORMERO will also be extending the facilities to include another 19 rooms and, of course, the free DORMERO standard inclusions, such as the minibars, WiFi, recent films and much more, will incorporated.