• Breakfast


    Feasting among 160 breakfast components- from sweet to savory, crispy, golden or fancy - Our breakfast buffet offers a wide range for long and short sleepers. So our breakfast is different, delicious and sociable.

    Mon-Sat: 6.30 h - 10.30 h

    Breakfast 15,90 € p. p. inclusive hot and cold drinks

    Contact Details:
    Phone +49 9441 1 770 50
    eMail goslar(at)dormero.de

  • FRUNCH - every Sunday

    FRUNCH - every Sunday

    Every Sunday* starts with our frunch. What is it? A fancy combination of breakfast and lunch.

    Frunch makes everyone happy, whether you're an early riser or a late sleeper. Enjoy a broad selection of breakfast items and hot lunch dishes every Sunday. Sweet, savoury, Mediterranean or hearty – our frunch is a generous selection with something for every palate. And the best thing about it: our frunch is available at the same attractive price as breakfast.

    Breakfast juices, coffeespecialties and teas are included.

    Every Sunday* 6.30 h - 14.30 h

    Frunch 15,90 € p.p.

    * Not on selected holidays during our brunch offer.

    Contact Details:
    Phone +49 5321 7090
    eMail goslar(at)dormero.de

  • Creepy Dinner

    Creepy Dinner

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    Dr. Henry Jekyll has invited to his London mansion for a festive evening. In the circle of good friends, he wants to announce his engagement with Lisa St. James. But a dark shadow quickly sets over the happy company: Jekyll suffers from unexplained seizures and seems increasingly losing control.

    Some guests turn out to be shady characters. The prostitute Lucy Sharpness is bursting into the celebration, claiming that in truth she is the fiancee of the host. And who is the sinister Mr. Hyde who seems to know the manor house? Then terrible murders happen and a dark secret is revealed. The festival of joy becomes a feast of terror ...

    Look forward to crackling tension and a delicious experience.

    The Creepy Dinner Ticket includes the following services:
    ■ 4-course menu
    ■ play

    Sunday, 17.3.2019
    Entrance from 19.00 h

    Ticket price:
    79, - € per person

    Phone +49 5321 7090
    eMail goslar(at)dormero.de