DORMERO Hotel Hagen

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Expanding in North Rhine-Westphalia

Only four weeks after announcing their takeover of the stay design hotel in Dortmund in 2020, DORMERO still has its eye on expanding in North Rhine-Westphalia: 2020 will also see the DORMERO Hotel Hagan open its doors in the city of Hagan.

A brand new hotel for Hagan

In Hagan, also known as the gateway to the Sauerland region, DORMERO Hotel Hagan is ideally situated near the railway station and offers 170 rooms, several meeting rooms, a restaurant and bar as well as a fitness and wellness area.

The new build at 54-56 Eckeseyer Straße has been designed by architect, planning and engineering firm Donnermann & Partner GmbH, from Kolitzheim. The firm’s CEO, Ralph Donnermann, who also invests in real estate, signed the contract with chairman of DORMERO AG Markus Maximilian Wöhrl, DBA.

As chairman, Wöhrl is pleased to be working with Donnermann & Partner and is more than enthusiastic about the location: “The city of Hagan is full of potential with its booming economic and infrastructure sectors and is a perfect addition to the future DORMERO Hotel Dortmund only 25 km away,” he says. Ralph Donnermann adds, “We are really looking forward to the whole project”.

A total of 10 DOMERO hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia

DORMERO Hotel AG has big plans for North Rhine-Westphalia. “I’m pleased we are extending our presence in North Rhine-Westphalia. Our strategy is, and has always been, perfectly clear: to be active on this market as of 2020,” says COO Manuela Halm. Tomislav Rubic, CFO of DORMERO Hotel AG equally adds, “We believe we can have 25 hotels up and running in North Rhine-Westphalia by 2025.”.