DORMERO Hotel Offenbach 

coming soon.

Future orientated cooperation

In December DORMERO announced its first hotel in cooperation with Mr Karakaya in Darmstadt. Now a second hotel has followed in Offenbach. The DORMERO Hotel Offenbach won’t be the last hotel in Hessen to result from this very promising cooperation. Manuela Halm, COO of DORMERO Hotel AG revealed “We are going to try to further conquer the Hessian market”. She continued “The cooperation with Mr Karakaya is just the beginning. More hotels are planned in Hessen”. From the landlord’s side there seem to still be some plans to come in cooperation with DORMERO. “The aim is to be represented in every large city in Hessen” announced Mr Karakaya from the RoKi Grundstücksverwaltungs GmbH.

Completion in 2021

The DORMERO Hotel Offenbach at Sprendlinger Landstraße 173 A/175, will, after completion in 2021, have 150 rooms, function rooms and a fitness and wellness area. It will also have the SONDERBAR and one of the DORMERO restaurant concepts. The free additional DORMERO inclusions, such as the minibars, WiFi, recent films and much more will also be included.