DORMERO Hotel Salzgitter

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DORMERO is now also expanding in Northern Germany by building a large and modern four-star superior design hotel in the Lower Saxony city of Salzgitter.

DORMERO is building this new four-star superior hotel at the heart of the city in the Lebenstedt district of Salzgitter with investor Helmut de Jong. The hotel will open its doors in July 2019 to be enjoyed by everyone living in or visiting Southern Lower Saxony. On March 15, 2017, chairman of DORMERO Hotel AG Marcus Maximilian Wöhrl, DBA, signed a contract with investor and contractor Helmut de Jong. De Jong has already made a name for himself by investing in several projects, notably in Salzgitter’s Lebenstedt district. He “is looking forward to this large construction project with Berlin-based and family-run DORMERO Hotel AG”. The DORMERO brand is not new to Lower Saxony, as the DORMERO hotel in Hannover has now been open for almost seven years. DORMERO continues to grow with hotel number 17 – its fourth self-built hotel. DORMERO Hotel AG is modern, lively and offbeat all at once. The new hotel should be an asset to Salzgitter and is mainly aimed at business people and conference participants.

A four-star superior hotel with a large conference area.

According to chairman Marcus Maximilian Wöhrl, DBA “DORMERO totally suits this area. It is an important business location being shaped for the future by evolving infrastructures.” The hotel will offer 120 rooms, a restaurant, a fitness and wellness area as well as a generous 300 square meters of conference space. It will take about 15 months to construct. Wöhrl came by the idea of opening this DORMERO hotel in Salzgitter while listening to a speech made by the deputy mayor of Salzgitter at the University of Ostfalia: “He convinced me about the potential of this lively city already undergoing several transformations. Salzgitter just had to feature on my target list of 20 DORMERO hotels.”