Water games and dry runs.

Extensive entertainment needs exclusive partners. Our maxim: the fitness & spa area must be available to our guests because life is about having enough free spaces even while away from home. SchwabenQuellen on a surface of more than 6,000 sqm offers not only a fanciful backdrop including spa, steam or sweat bath, indoor and outdoor pool and a number of relaxing areas, as a guest of the DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart showing your room card when entering the SchwabenQuellen, you will get a discounted daily rate. For more information on textile bathing day and events click www.schwabenquellen.de.

More comfort for all hotel guests is offered by the KANTO Sports Club, for a special price of
25 Euros, located on the hotel premises as well. Perfect training conditions in Europe’s arguably most extraordinary club of this kind. A stylish backdrop to diversified programs for cardio and muscle training on premium-quality devices. It is not allowed to enter KANTO Sports Club with regular shoes, only with sport shoes, which you have to change on site.

For every sports fan: Here you can download our DORMERO jogging route with three different levels.