Feasting among 160 breakfast components- from sweet to savory, crispy, golden or fancy - Our breakfast buffet offers a wide range for long and short sleepers. So our breakfast is different, delicious and sociable.

    Mon - Fri: 6.30 h - 10.30 h
    Sat - Sun : 7.00 h - 11.00 h

    Breakfast 22,90 € p. p. inclusive hot and cold drinks

    Contact Details:
    Phone +49 711 721 0
    eMail stuttgart(at)dormero.de



    Only on selected dates!

    For those who are special culinary connoisseurs and those who would like to be

    For all those who are loath to make a decision between a late breakfast and an early lunch, the DORMERO Brunch is just the right alternative! From sweet to savory, Mediterranean, exotic or solid – our Brunch offers a wide range of culinary treats for everyone’s taste. This way, brunch will be yummy, sociable and something special!

    Breakfast juices, specialty coffees and teas are included.

    Every Sunday and on selected public holidays!

    12.00 h – 15.00 h

    03.10.2018   Day of German Unity
    25.12.2018   Christmas
    26.12.2018   Boxing Day
    01.01.2019    New Year

    Brunch 34,- € p.p.*

    * Children under 6 years eat for free | Children including 12 years pay half

    Contact details:
    Telefon +49 711 721 0
    eMail stuttgart(at)dormero.de

  • game of murder

    game of murder

    Experience a murderously good evening at the DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart. While we research, combine and secure tracks we will be treated with culinary delights. Here you are more than just spectators!Decide for yourself whether you support our investigators in the interactive crime hunt or if you want to be just a live eyewitnesses.

    The ticket contains the following services:

    · Aperitif
    · Served starters
    · Main course
    · Dessert as buffet

    Entry 19.00 h | Start 19:30 h

    Ticket Price:
    89,- € per Person
    Summerspecial: 4 come, 3 pay

    Pre sale +49 7031 4180980

    Samstag - 15. September 2018
    Samstag - 27. Oktober 2018
    Samstag - 17. November 2018
    Samstag - 01. Dezember 2018
    Donnerstag - 13. Dezember 2018
    Freitag - 14. Dezember 2018

    Kontakt Details:
    Telefon +49 711 721 0
    eMail stuttgart(at)dormero.de

  • Ice Ice Baby

    Ice Ice Baby

    From June to August it is said in our Wiener Kaffeehause - It's ice age!

    Enjoy daily our opening times in the Wiener Kaffeehaus different ice specialties, ice lollies or in the waffle, as well as our refreshment drink Maracuja Flip.

    Sunday - Friday
    11.30 h - 19.00 h

    11.30 h - 19.30 h

    Phone +49 711 721 0
    eMail stuttgart(at)dormero.de




  • Spanish summer

    Spanish summer

    Once a week we move the Tapas y Vino in good weather on the terrace of the Pizza & Pasta - San Marco. To the normal menus, we offer you more specials. Enjoy a nice evening with delicious tapas and Spanish flair.

    Once a week in good weather from 20.00 h: the dates are available at the reception.

    Phone +49 711 721 0
    eMail stuttgart(at)dormero.de



  • Warm up wasen

    Warm up wasen

    For Warm Up Wasen we invite you to our restaurant PIZZA & PASTA- San Marco to usher in the start of the Oktoberfest.

    For hearty meals such as Weißwust and Grillhändel we serve a measure of beer and knockers. For the perfect Oktoberfest mood we have the best Wasen hits for you!

    18.00 h - 23.00 h

    Phone +49 711 721 0
    eMail stuttgart(at)dormero.de



  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    Show off your terrible side and celebrate with us a gruesome Halloween party at the DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart. Enjoy terrific good drinks, terribly tasty snacks and terribly hip beats.

    Wednesday 31.10.2018
    from 20.00 h

    Phone +49 711 721 0
    eMail stuttgart(at)dormero.de



  • Xmas Spirit

    Xmas Spirit

    For the Christmas glow, we offer you in our restaurants Christmas specials, such as mulled wine, egg punch, gingerbread and apple strudel.

    Let yourself be surprised and come over!

    Throughout December in our restaurants and bars!

    Phone +49 711 721 0
    eMail stuttgart(at)dormero.de



  • Goose Dinner

    Goose Dinner

    On Christmas Day, enjoy our 4-course goose menu with everything that goes with it.

    On 25.12.2018 - We ask for reservation!

    39,- € per person excl. Drinks

    Phone +49 711 721 0
    eMail stuttgart(at)dormero.de