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Making children's dreams come true - sleeping in a wooden house!

Our Dormero HoHo Wien with its 143 rooms and 5 meeting rooms in one of the highest wooden skyscrapers in the world. The HoHo Wien is made of 75% wood and the interior walls and ceilings are also made of spruce wood.

At the Dormero HoHo Wien we have made it our mission to counteract climate change, our answer is: 


First of all the question was, why no one has planned a wooden high-rise building so far, although it is so obvious in a timber country like Austria? Yes, the domestic building regulations are strict, but the good load-bearing capacity of wood has been proven - even in case of fire. Wood can also be used efficiently in high-rise construction from an economic, economical and ecological point of view as a hybrid construction, i.e. in the mixed construction method of wood and concrete. Thanks to the HoHo Vienna timber technology, the timber remains completely uncovered on the inside. The inner development core is made of solid reinforced concrete. Both materials complement each other perfectly, the atmosphere of pure wood is unbeatable. 


In Austria, 30 million cubic metres of wood grow every year, of which 26 million cubic metres are used. The remaining 4 million cubic metres remain in the forest and steadily increase the wood supply. This means that 1 cubic metre of wood grows again every second. The entire HoHo Vienna grew back in our local forests in just one hour and 17 minutes. The timber construction saves around 2,800 tonnes of CO₂ equivalents compared to a reinforced concrete construction. This corresponds to approx. 20 million car kilometres or 1,300 years of daily 40 kilometre car journeys.


The HoHo Vienna stands for naturalness and pure wood atmosphere. The TQB certification provides proof of the building's sustainability.

Dear guests,
there is an city tax in Vienna. All persons staying overnight in the collection area are liable to pay the tax. The tax amounts to 2,52% of the net costs incurred for an overnight stay.