• Marcus Maximilian Wöhrl, Chairman

    Marcus Maximilian Wöhrl, Chairman

    DORMERO: tolerant, cosmopolitan, different

    Dear DORMERO fans, hello DORMERO enemies, esteemed authorities, service providers, interested parties, hi to anyone undecided, curious and all you freaks.
    I’m delighted to welcome all of you to the DORMERO website whatever your reason might be for being here!
    I can’t always know everything but I’d like to thank you for the precious time you’re taking out of your life now to undoubtedly devote it to these somewhat unusual statements.
    Since 1 July 2013, we’ve been trying to convey a colourful mix of cosmopolitanism and liberality with a team of individualists, free thinkers, pros, dinosaurs, (full-bloodied) amateurs, cows, machos, bureaucrats, socialists, liberals, conservatives, greens, blues, yellows, rainbow people, homosexuals, polygamists, monogamists, vegetarians, vegans, butchers, Germans, Icelanders, Israelis, Americans, squares, party animals, people with piercings, tattoos, junkies, ascetics, professors, apprentices, students, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and many more characters.
    DORMERO sees itself as a tolerant and cosmopolitan brand, we resist intolerant trends and are committed to an open and liberal society. We do not make our employees or guests conform to conventions. Everyone should and be allowed to maintain their individuality. We’re grateful that during a time of increasing repression in the world DORMERO is allowed to work in a country that has made this difference in opinion and tolerance a philosophy of life over the last 70 years.
     DORMERO is not a perfect brand, DORMERO makes mistakes, DORMERO does not always know how to behave perfectly but despite this we have so far proved all the critics wrong, are growing rapidly and are extremely successful. Why? Because we don’t pretend to be something we’re not and we stand by what we are. And that is not con artists, not egomaniacs, not sharks, not capitalists – we feel great when we can build a harmonious relationship with our guests, being allowed to live the dream that the hotel industry can be run differently.
     We see ourselves as a socio-political company that has a unique character. We don’t just advocate a good product but also choose ideal values! Whether it’s for animal protection, against aids or with our own Emanuel Wöhrl Foundation for children in need, what matters to us is openness, honesty, loyalty and honour paired with the commitment and will to get better all the time. As a market participant we therefore feel committed to a high degree of social responsibility.
     We are grateful and humble at the same time that so many people, companies and loyal fellow pilgrims have been supporting us for years and encouraging us to constantly move forwards.
    We love and appreciate all our critics, honest mentors and aggressors though too, as it’s only thanks to their input that we can improve.
     Germany is the heart of Europe, DORMERO is a little artery of this wonderful free country but this artery has to work too and we are contributing to this. We feel comfortable with who we are, casually different, uncomplicated and actually pretty cute. Professionalism is not the result of a strictly controlled, ordered appearance, professionalism is the result of a passion, service philosophy and irrepressible will to want to do everything perfectly. And that is precisely what we want to achieve! We want to win every match but mistakes and defeats are human and when this is the case we hope that the critics are lenient with us and our fans are loyal to us!
     I would therefore be delighted if you would become part of DORMERO, be it as a guest, employee, investor or simply just a fan! Even if we are a competitor for you or you just see an “impossible bunch of lunatics” in our concept, this may still develop into a healthy rivalry or extremely warm friendship one day. Give yourself and give us the chance to live and feel DORMERO.
    Stay fancy.
    Marcus Maximilian Wöhrl, DBA
    Chairman of the DORMERO Hotel AG Management Board

  • Manuela Halm, CEO

    Manuela Halm, CEO

    DORMERO means being a free spirit. The feel-good oasis for anyone who does not fancy narrow-mindedness and social constraints. Everyone is accepted just as they are at DORMERO and our guests love it.
    The important things are crucial – sleep, entertainment and a good breakfast! You don’t need anything else to be happy.
    Manuela Halm

  • Michael Berger, CCO

    Michael Berger, CCO

    DORMERO is “my” company because it provides a great, family-like working atmosphere. Employees are given the opportunity to be involved in developing structures and processes and working flexibly towards finding solutions at the constantly growing DORMERO Group. DORMERO is growing as a dynamic company and provides a great deal of variety – and the staff is growing with DORMERO.
    Michael Berger