That's how they say "Hello" here. The Mongolian gerbil is called „Meriones unguiculatus“ in latin, which means something like „warrior with claws“. This is exactly what the DORMERO crowd was missing until now. As special as DORMERO as special are we! Our homeland is known for it‘s hot summers and freezing cold winters. Situated in between the north of China and the south of Russia we made our way to this nice place called Aschaffenburg.

Pünktchen and Anton -  our names, nothing goes without the other! We take care of each others fur and love to cuddle up very close to each other when we are sleeping. We are mainly vegetarians, like 90% but every now and then we wouldn‘t say no to a yummy grub of an insect. We are activ night and day, which is good, there is always something to do: saying hello to new arriving guests or just rocking the exercise wheel.