We are degus, as highly social herbivorous New Saxon Anhaltinians, are very active, enjoy running and climbing and also gnaw a lot and with pleasure. Pille, Roofy and Crystal welcome you with a warm ¡Hola! because our country of origin is Chile. But we grew up in Halle. We went on to the Dessau Zoo, which did a great job of mediating and recommended us to the DORMERO Hotel Dessau-Roßlau. For its part, the hotel was on the lookout for a few active roommates who would fit the brand perfectly, it was love at first cheep! That's how we like to communicate most of all besides trills, teeth grinding and various warning shouts. We are well taken care of here, every employee knows what we like and that is especially important.
Selected plant food is what we eat, everything else leads to bad problems in our systems. Therefore please do not feed us! We are looking forward to welcome you with some special trill sounds!

After we found out that our buddy, tomcat Elvis, from a regular guest has to go to the shelter, we did not hesitate and adopted him directly and welcomed him into our family. He is a really handsome tomcat who likes to ensnare our guests to get some cuddles. We love our Elvis.

¡Hasta luego!