I’m Megatron and this is my mate Heisenberg. Together we’re an indestructible team: I’ve got the muscles and he’s got the brains. We’ve been at the DORMERO Hotel Hannover since 2014 and keep things in order here. Obviously everything’s a little bit slower but that doesn’t matter, does it? In answer to the question: Where are you from? We shout: From Ebay of course. Unfortunately, as Mississippi map turtles we crave salmon, meal worms and salad really often. Except for the latter, everything goes straight to our hips of course but what wouldn’t we do for a delicious meal. Once, Heisenberg wanted to explore the hotel when our home was being cleaned. That was a wild tour; I still have to listen to the stories today. We love watching the guests, sleeping, swimming our laps, sunbathing and eating our favourite meals.