I’m Zeus and I work voluntarily as the hotel manager’s assistant here at DORMERO Hotel Kelheim. We have agreed to pay my salary in the form of free food and board. A brilliant idea, in my opinion. My jobs include, among other things, carrying out a daily inspection tour and taking care of guests. The latter in particular is great fun, as now and again I get a delicious goodie from guests, the best employee motivation there is. It is also my job to keep an eye on the surrounding area and discover the latest trends by visiting different parts of the city. In my free time I meet up with my friends in the rose garden near the forest and recover from the party nights in the SONDERBAR by sleeping up to 17 hours sometimes. As soon as I’ve welcomed you by nuzzling you with my head, which is the same as a welcome kiss or handshake for you people, then you can start stroking me. I look forward to you visiting me. Your Velvety Paws.