Hey you, I like you! You can call me Siggi, the emphasis here is on the Gs.
I’m a ten-year old puss in the boots and once belonged to a former theatre manager in Plauen and lived at the theatre and hotel. When my old master moved away I wanted to stay at the DOMERO Hotel Plauen. The best decision of my life. Sometimes my day is really stressful; I work on the front office as the welcoming committee and complete my inspection tours. Otherwise, I like exploring the city, catching a few mice now and again, letting myself be massaged in the evenings by guests and sleeping anywhere that is comfortable. By the way, I’m one of the tough guys: I was recently out and about in town and was bitten. He was a right nasty sort! I then had stitches under a full anaesthetic. There was one good thing though: the anaesthetic lasted a bit longer, if you know what I mean. But otherwise I would personally describe myself as lovely, loyal, in need of affection and self-confident.