My name is Lillyfee and I love humid tropical air and sweet little mice instead of fairy dust and glitter. I charm visitors from the terrarium window and am one of the true greats as a 5.10 m long specimen of the python molurus bivittatus. My current owner brought me to Stuttgart from the reptile rescue centre in Munich, but I actually come from the subtropics. My owner rescued me from the small completely overcrowded rooms at the rescue centre after I got too big for my previous owner.  Unfortunately I couldn’t return to my homeland as I came to Germany when I was just a baby. I have found a better home here now, with lots of space, good food and plenty of entertainment. My owner takes care of me properly in close collaboration with experts from Kölle zoo and several vets. Unfortunately, not everything is always sssss-uper in the life of a snake. I had a phantom pregnancy and couldn’t eat or drink anything at all for three months because I was trying to lay eggs, which sapped a great deal of energy from me. I was actually really looking forward to me little snake babies too. But now I’m enjoying my life to the full again and welcoming guests, sleeping a lot, swimming and doing what I can do best: eating.