I’m Salt and this is my friend Pepper We are African pygmy hedgehogs, and we’re from Heilbronn.
We’re always together, through thick and thin, and have been best friends for 9 months.
We’ve made a lot of great memories during our friendship - I can still remember the first time we ate insects. We’d never been so happy, until our first holiday together brought us to the DORMERO Hotel Villingen-Schwenningen. When we arrived with our luggage, we were given a warm welcome. Our room was decorated so fabulously and stylishly - we had a fantastic view! We enjoyed the unique, classy ambience so much that we now want to spend our whole lives here.
We are looking forward to being able to give all the visitors to the hotel a very warm welcome.

Unfortunately, haven’t got names yet. Do you think you could suggest some for us?
Send your name suggestions to marketing(at)