I’m Romeo and the best example that dreams can come true. I was rescued from a building site by my current master in 2010 and brought to the DORMERO Schlosshotel Reichenschwand. I couldn’t believe my eyes: everything was so huge, so tall and beautiful. Completely different to my old home where I was exposed to danger every single day. I quickly realised how wonderful life can be and explored the area with my good nose. It was quite clear: I’m staying here! The conservatory became my new home and the people at the hotel, my friends.
I’ve discovered climbing and just between us, I’ve become a real pro. I like watching the romantic weddings from a distance up there and dreaming about finding my Juliet one day too. I would then love to pursue the ultimate hobby with her: hunting. Naturally, I would complete my daily inspection tours through the hotel with her too though and show her the breathtaking nature around the hotel. I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m a real romantic at heart.