DORMERO Hotel Hannover-Langenhagen Airport
Walsroder Str. 105
30853 Langenhagen

How to get there by car

Arriving via Berlin: Driving on the A2 take the exit 45-Hannover-Bothfeld and keep right while following the instructions of the street signs leading to Langenhagen/Flughafen. Keep driving on the Langenforther Straße and continue on the Bothfelder Straße. After roughly 2.4 kilometres turn right onto theWalsroder Straße. After 300 metres you can find the DORMERO Hotel Hannover-Langenhagen Airport on the right side.

Arriving via Hamburg: Keep right on the A7 and continue driving towards the A352 and follow the instructions of the street signs labelled as Dortmund/Hannover-Nord/Flughafen. Merge onto the Ausfahrt 3-Hannover-Nord towards the B522 Richtung Langenhagen. After roughly 1.3 kilometres take the exit Langenhagen/Garbsen/Godshorn/H.- Stöcken/Stadtmitte.
Make a left towards the Vinnhorster Straße and then immediately take a right towards the Langenhagener Straße. Follow the street continuously onto the Godshorner Straße. After 800 metres take a left towards the Walsroder Straße. The DORMERO Hotel Hannover-Langenhagen Airport is now located 350 metres on the right side.

A public car park with 35 parking spaces and direct hotel access is located in the immediate vicinity. Please use the entrance at Konrad-Adenauer-Straße. The parking fee is 15,00 € per day. It is not possible to reserve a parking space.

How to get there by public transportation

In the central station of Hannover take the subway line U1 towards Langenhagen. Get off at the stop labelled ‘Langenhagen (Han) Langenforther Platz’ and follow the Walsroder Straße towards the intersection Godshorner Straße/Bothfelder Straße. After roughly 240 metres the DORMERO Hotel Hannover-Langenhagen Airport is located on the right side.

How to get there by Plane

The international airport Hannover (HAJ) is located roughly 6 kilometres from the DORMERO Hotel Hannover-Langenhagen Airport. The cab ride is only around 10 minutes.

How to get to Hannover Fair

The Hannover Fair is about 23 km from the DORMERO Hotel Hannover-Langenhagen Airport. The taxi ride takes about 30 minutes.

From the hotel, head north on Walsroder Straße. Turn left onto Konrad-Adenauer-Straße. After approx. 1.2 km turn right onto Theodor-Heuss-Straße. Turn left onto Bothfelder Straße and follow it for about 1 km. Follow the road and continue on Langenforther Straße. Turn right and take the A2 motorway towards Berlin / Hamburg / Kassel. At the interchange, take one of the 2 right lanes and follow the signs to Altwarmbüchen / H.-Lahe. Follow the motorway on to the A37. After about 2.4 km, keep left and continue on the B3. Keep left and continue on the Messeschnellweg. Take the exit for Laatzen. Then turn right onto Hermesallee. Follow the fair signage. There are numerous parking facilities on the premises.

To get there by public transport, take a left from the hotel onto Waldroder Straße. At the stop "Langenhagen Langenforther Platz" take the U1 to the stop "Laatzen Eichstraße". Follow the fair signage.