Fitness & Wellness

due to maintenance work  wellness area is temporarily closed.

For Biceps, Triceps and a healthy conscience:  We don’t offer skydiving canyoning or deep-sea diving. Instead we have the latest running machine, rowing machine, stairmaster and bicycle, where you can work off your sins from our bar, 24 hours a day.

To make the work-out a bit easier for you, you can distract yourself by watching the Hollywood divas, sexy news anchorpeople or other idols on the flat-screen TV available.

Sweating to be in good shape: After a long day it is time to relax. You can easily catch the elevator to the basement - floor and use the sauna, bio sauna, steam room and relaxation room and relaxation room. A small fitness room offers the perfect opportunity for a bit of endurance sports. A treadmill, rowing machine and stepper is waiting for you.