DORMERO Hotel Wuppertal

Opening after core refurbishment 2025/2026
The DORMERO Group is moving to the Wupper and taking over the Arcade Hotel in the heart of the city. The hotel at Mäuerchen 4 is to be completely renovated and opened under the DORMERO banner in 2025/2026.

14th hotel with the Dahlheim Group
The 44th hotel in the DORMERO Group now comprises 40 rooms and is the 14th hotel to have Mr. Ben Dahlheim on the landlord side. Dahlheim, who is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board, continues to look ambitiously to the future. "We want to further expand our cooperation with DORMERO. The aim should be to expand the joint portfolio to 20 hotels by the end of the year." Michael Hartmut Berger (CEO) adds: "Dahlheim is a stroke of luck for our company. Thanks to his drive and energy, our group is also growing, so that we could reach 50 hotels by the end of the year.