Work out with a view, sweaty experiences.

We know that days of traveling are often the most important days of the year. This is why we at DORMERO want you to be in the best possible shape, seeing that our life is governed by speed, body and mind constantly at a run. Our maxim: the fitness & spa area must be available to our guests free of charge because life is about having enough free spaces even while away from home.

Besides featuring state-of-the-art devices such as cross trainer, treadmill and ergometer, the special appeal of the fitness area is its floor-to-ceiling window front offering superb views of downtown Dresden also in the evening hours and after successful business meetings or extensive sightseeing. Those who like sweating without breaking a sweat are invited to visit the cozy sauna with relaxing area.

For every sports fan: Here you can download our DORMERO jogging route with two different levels.